Repair or replace ?

What do you mean it is going to cost that much, it is only 5 years old. So, I called EXICOMM and they were very reasonable. It was better to repair than to replace my TV. I saved money and my 5 year old TV is going to last a little while longer.

Why should I have to pay?

Why should I have to pay, the factory is supposed to warranty it for more than 3 years? Exicomm explained factory and extended warranty to me. I was able to get my TV serviced under an extended warranty plan that I didn’t even know I had. Thanks EXICOMM!

II don’t know where to turn…

Exicomm can take care of all our electronic needs. From computers to televisions, to sound systems and home theater. I don’t have to call different companies for different products, EXICOMM was there to help.

How long is going to take?

How long is it going to take, the Steelers are on this weekend. When the game was on the line, EXICOMM was there to go the extra yards and score a touchdown for me. I didn’t miss the game, Exicomm saved the big game.

Are they any good?

Exicomm takes their work seriously, they are very professional.


Can I pick up the TV today and pay you first of the month? EXICOMM has many options for paying for a repair. They helped me get my TV and arrange for payment.

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